Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Victory!

As most probably know by now, Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne had their home invaded and were kidnapped the 7th day of the first month of 2011, A.D. They were called "fugitives from justice" in South Carolina for their “Failure to Appear” at a hearing on accusations of "impersonating judicial officials", although no “due process” was served on either man and they were unaware of the charges.

No one was able to speak or visit with Michael-Donald or Gary-Wayne for 7 days as they were being held in "lock down" as "fugitives". However, the kidnappers held a ransom hearing, yesterday, the 14th day of the first month of 2011, A.D. Michael Donald read into the record an Affidavit with 93 points of Truth, with words that flowed from the hand of God, written on paper which miraculously appeared in his cage and that will be impossible for the corporate courts to rebut.

These men are still in Alabama. "Extradition" did not occur. The Divine intervention of snow and ice prevented dieseling them to South Carolina prior to this hearing.

Ransom was set at $20,000 per man; $40,000 total.

A bail-bonds woman was contacted. She stated that with a “fugitive from justice”, the entire $40,000 plus fees totaling $44,000 would be required to ransom these two men. The Commander in Chief, Schaeffer, suggested that she view the website of and the slide show presentation, Foundations of Freedom. It is reported that she also viewed Schaeffer’s videos on YouTube. Within an hour she called Schaeffer back stating she knew who these men were and what they were doing and would bond them for $2,000 each.

The Alaska Assembly and Schaeffer have stepped up and put forth the ransom money on Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne’s behalf, but they cannot and should not carry the $4,000 burden alone. They have moved at lightning speed to facilitate the release of our men and now we need to move at that same lightning speed to help reimburse their household budgets. That will also spread the blessings to each who give generously.

Please help by clicking on the “Donate” button at the upper right of this page. Any amount $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will be greatly appreciated.

When the guard told our men to get ready and that they were leaving, they were asked how they would be getting home. Michael-Donald said he didn’t know but that the one responsible for the bail was probably waiting for them outside. The son of the bail-bonds woman was indeed waiting and personally drove them to their home. Again, God’s hand!

Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne were never notified of a hearing in South Carolina. An amicus curiae is being prepared to defuse this international incident. These are exciting times that are being orchestrated by our God. He is in control! Michael and Gary are vessels being used to help those that are assembling on the Republic, as the men and women of the several states. God has chosen these mighty men and others in our Assembly to help obtain our peaceful coexistence with the foreign corporate government.

Keep praying and watching God move in our behalf.

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