Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Free At Last" Conference Call Scheduled for 5 pm CDT

To my Brothers and Sisters in our Almighty Creator on the rightful land He gave us,

It is with great pleasure that I announce a very special call for this S_nday, where we hope to do a common law "first", where we will combine two very exciting calls into one de jure SUPER EVENT!

As I mentioned in the warm-up message, OUR BOYS ARE FREE, and since the last message... ALL OF THEM !!! Even our fourth and last kidnapped hostage, Robert, has been released! Praise YHWH!

Now all four, Michael Donald, Gary Wayne, Geary Thomas, and Robert are all safe and sound and ready to roll again.

Due to complicated Scheduling difficulties however, we have moved the call up by one hour, whereby the call will start at these times:

2:00 pm (Fairbanks, Alaska time)
3:00 pm Pacific
4:00 pm Mountain
5:00 pm Central
6:00 pm Eastern

Up first, Michael and Gary Wayne will tell the amazing story of their captivity and miraculous release, and then share the floor with the other captives that were held and released in wonderful ways as well, further followed by their hopeful plans to respond to their captors' unlawful acts with the proper remedies for all that they painfully had to endure under their kidnappers.

Then at roughly two hours into this call, we will be tapping OUR entire system lines into ANOTHER conference system so none of you even has to leave his phone button-pushin' seat, where some of our newly-released heroes, along with Kelly Russell, Raymond Leo and others will be showing us how to get right back into the saddle while we listen-in live to an actual de jure hearing that is sure to be a feast to set your lawfully-lovin' ears on! It involves some brilliant approaches written for Schaeffer and his boys on Alaska.

After this relatively short hearing, we will then get back to our many expert guests for questions and answers on any and all of these topics.

It should prove to be a fascinating call by far, so pass this one on to a few friends!

Blessings to every one of you wonderful truth-lovin' brothers and sisters,
Dwaine Moore

Call date:
6013,11,11 (or gregorian 1/16/2011)
as chart above
218 895 4397 then enter pin 2222# (press *6 to mute/unmute)

Interview With Michael Donald: 1/15/11 - the day after his release

AUN Special Report
Michael Donald & Gary Wayne Released!!!

Click here to listen now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Victory!

As most probably know by now, Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne had their home invaded and were kidnapped the 7th day of the first month of 2011, A.D. They were called "fugitives from justice" in South Carolina for their “Failure to Appear” at a hearing on accusations of "impersonating judicial officials", although no “due process” was served on either man and they were unaware of the charges.

No one was able to speak or visit with Michael-Donald or Gary-Wayne for 7 days as they were being held in "lock down" as "fugitives". However, the kidnappers held a ransom hearing, yesterday, the 14th day of the first month of 2011, A.D. Michael Donald read into the record an Affidavit with 93 points of Truth, with words that flowed from the hand of God, written on paper which miraculously appeared in his cage and that will be impossible for the corporate courts to rebut.

These men are still in Alabama. "Extradition" did not occur. The Divine intervention of snow and ice prevented dieseling them to South Carolina prior to this hearing.

Ransom was set at $20,000 per man; $40,000 total.

A bail-bonds woman was contacted. She stated that with a “fugitive from justice”, the entire $40,000 plus fees totaling $44,000 would be required to ransom these two men. The Commander in Chief, Schaeffer, suggested that she view the website of and the slide show presentation, Foundations of Freedom. It is reported that she also viewed Schaeffer’s videos on YouTube. Within an hour she called Schaeffer back stating she knew who these men were and what they were doing and would bond them for $2,000 each.

The Alaska Assembly and Schaeffer have stepped up and put forth the ransom money on Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne’s behalf, but they cannot and should not carry the $4,000 burden alone. They have moved at lightning speed to facilitate the release of our men and now we need to move at that same lightning speed to help reimburse their household budgets. That will also spread the blessings to each who give generously.

Please help by clicking on the “Donate” button at the upper right of this page. Any amount $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will be greatly appreciated.

When the guard told our men to get ready and that they were leaving, they were asked how they would be getting home. Michael-Donald said he didn’t know but that the one responsible for the bail was probably waiting for them outside. The son of the bail-bonds woman was indeed waiting and personally drove them to their home. Again, God’s hand!

Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne were never notified of a hearing in South Carolina. An amicus curiae is being prepared to defuse this international incident. These are exciting times that are being orchestrated by our God. He is in control! Michael and Gary are vessels being used to help those that are assembling on the Republic, as the men and women of the several states. God has chosen these mighty men and others in our Assembly to help obtain our peaceful coexistence with the foreign corporate government.

Keep praying and watching God move in our behalf.

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Best of the Best" Working on Release

Day 7 of the Kidnapping

Michael Donald and Gary Wayne have the "best of the best" working on their release. Let peace replace your fears. God has special purposes for these two gentlemen and the rest of the Assembly of the men and women on the counties at large. God's hand will be seen in the victory ahead.

As Michael Donald would say, this is a "most excellent vacation". All the lives they come in contact with will be forever changed. They will be enlightened, loved and blessed because Michael Donald and Gary Wayne have come into their world. Yes, they were kidnapped but God's purposes will prevail for all those around them and for us waiting for their speedy release. This author chooses to think that now more of this world will be able know these two men that mean so much to all of us.

Do they need your prayers? You bet! Keep them in you heart every minute for God's will to be done for every live they touch and for their safety. But do not fear. Greater is our God than he that is in the world.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Common Law Held Hostage: Day # 7

Listen and participate tomorrow evening to the 183rd consecutive "National Collective Consciousness Conference Call" on the American Underground Network for an update on Michael Donald and Gary Wayne's status from Schaeffer Cox, Alan Paul (Michael Donald's brother) and Dwayne Moore.

Call 402-237-2901 PIN 5092984

Past Updates:

Date: Jan 9, 2011 7:29 PM


Brothers and sisters of the true Republic,

Many of you are aware of the kidnapping situation that has taken place with two of our most dedicated men being physically confiscated against their will this past Friday.

Perhaps some of you will be as excited as some others of us were when I tell you that I awoke this morning inspired to start a campaign to send a massive amount of letters of support to Michael-Donald and Gary-Wayne. Well, here's how I see it... If the kidnappers are hoping to attract attention to how they truly view our common law rights and innocence...? ... I say let's help them.

I just spoke to Alan-Paul, brother of Michael-Donald and we have set a preliminary meeting on how to best gather a healthy network of men and women on the land to flood letters into the very enemy camp that we suspect to be holding our beloved brothers hostage.

In a growing awareness of the urgent need for all de jure advocates to stand as one in these times, I ask that all of our common law leaders around the nation join together with us this tuesday as we prayerfully brainstorm this simple but effective way of letting Michael, Gary and the whole system know just how much our common law republic and its re-emerging leadership is truly loved.

We are presently awaiting an official address as to where they are to be taken, and in preparation for that information being given us (perhaps early this week) we are planning a brief meeting of the nation's common law movers and shakers, who would support us in this endeavor, this tuesday, at 9:00 pm eastern on the "Solemn Assemblies" conference line number.

That number is 218 895 4397 then enter pin 2222# (press*6 to mute/unmute).

Thank you for your heart's presense and whatever you can do to spread the word of this truth,

In Yeshua's name,
Dwaine Moore

Common Sense Revisited - January 8, 2011 | Schaeffer Cox, Alaska Militia, the Courts & the Feds

Sat, 01/08/2011 - 12:06

Radio Show Archive(s):

January 08, 2011 (mp3 file here)

On 12pm CST every Saturday

Today's Third Rail Topic:

The American Underground Network Conference Call from January 6, 2011


Schaeffer Cox, delegate to the Continental Congress 2009 from Alaska, and leader of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia in Fairbanks Alaska, was a guest this past Thursday evening on the weekly conference call "National Collective Consciousness Call" hosted by the American Underground Network -

Prior to Schaeffer's segment on the call, Carl Swensson of Rise Up For America - gave an accounting of his arrest in Monroe County Tennessee where he has been assisting Walter Fitzpatrick, who was jailed for attempting to make a citizen's arrest of a grand jury foreman who had been serving for 27 years when Tennessee law requires a new foreman every two years.

Schaeffer Cox's segment begins at approximately the 33 minute mark of the Conf Call link above.
On today's CSR radio show, we begin at that mark, where he recounts his experiences in 2010 in Alaska and how the Fairbanks Militia as well as some members of state government statute enforcement and even the provost marshall of the military base there supported him in resisting federal agents' efforts to take his son from he and his wife, trying to prompt violence in their effort to smear him as a domestic terrorist in the process.

Schaeffer Cox has been in the press recently, including a smear article by a former Southern Poverty Law Center staffer, now working as a so called reporter for the Anchorage Press:

Infringed or unhinged? Alaska’s not-so-well regulated militia leaders - Anchorage Press Dec 12, 2010

And in a more balanced view at:

Fairbanks militia leader Schaeffer Cox questions Alaska courts' authority - December 10, 2010


‪Schaeffer Cox Court Case Uncut Part 1‬

‪Schaeffer Cox Court Case Uncut Part 2‬

Schaeffer was followed on this America Underground Network call by Michael Donald, one of the organizers and leaders of the Assembly Post Republic who has been assisting Cox in his efforts with the courts.
It has been reported that Michael Donald, who resides in Alabama, was captured yesterday by South Carolina statute enforcement officers, for purportedly impersonating a judge in that state, as he was helping stop a foreclosure of a person's home. We are hopeful that we can have persons familiar with this development on next week's Common Sense Revisited radio show.

Call #182 1-06-2011
Carl Swenson
Schaeffer Cox
Michael Donald
Rick & Dick
#182 1-6-2011

Carl Swenson

Founder of Rise up For America, talks about his arrest. Click here for more.

Schaeffer Cox

Militia leader questions Alaska courts authority? Click here and here.

Filmmakers: Dick & Rick
A return visit from the Filmmakers of "You Won't See This In The News." Dick & Rick will introduce their new program "Stop Federal Government Tyranny Now!!" A Plan For State Legislatures to Invoke
Click here for more.